Companies JIP 2020 - cluster:

Sensing and personalized feedback for stress management

Professionals in the Dutch police are exposed to a range of stressors that can impair health, performance and motivation. The police is interested in providing these professionals tools that monitor, support and enhance their stress management using sensing and monitoring technology. Students would be working on a proof of concept, including proposed technology, data-analysis, smartphone application demo, user experience input and ethical and legal implications.

Intelligent Fridges for Health Care

Using the latest RFID technology, we have successfully built Intelligent Fridges as a solution for (food) retailing, but now we want to enter the hardest arena: Healthcare. This requires, however, a big step forward for our technology. We are looking for students to turn our current Intelligent Fridge from “food safe” to “drugs safe”. During the project, you will engineer the new components and test the actual prototype in a real-life environment.

Robotized Medical Echo

Students are challenged to develop a first prototype ultrasound probe that can move around over the belly. The solutions and choices are up to the team. Challenge is to boost the enthusiasm of third parties to enable development phases from there. It will also be a proof of concept- can software and hardware be developed that are robust, cheap and durable, scalable?

Remote Support of Covid-19 AI Solution

This case focuses on CAD4COVID-Xray which uses artificial intelligence to analyse X-ray images for COVID-19. We are looking for creative ways to be able to offer installation- and training support remotely, to our CAD4COVIDbox solution. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic when travel is restricted, but will continue to be important to effectively support our projects around the world.


Improving availability of echocardiography by a robotic approach can make an impressive impact. Our goal is the development of a durable, sustainable, transportable BedBasedEcho constituted of replicable parts, replaceable even by unskilled personnel, scalable and designed for global use. A prototype already exists to be used as a head start.