Companies JIP 2020 - cluster:
Industry 4.0

How to Save a Daily Airplane?

An innovative, high-tech approach took Marel to the forefront of the food processing industry. Customer support, however, still requires Marel engineers to fly around the world for on-site service. VR and AR technologies can help save time, money and the environment, by facilitating remote working. How to integrate them into Marel’s engineering, sales and service processes, and save a daily Boeing 737 flight?

Smart Manufacturing Industry

Industry 4.0 is here. As Engineers, you are at the center of what it can become. The Manufacturing industry in particular is facing a lot of challenges concerning automation of their factories. How can automation positively affect production, products and benefit factory workers and the company behind it? VR, AR, Human-Robot co-production seem very promising and relevant. Your challenge to identify real opportunities for automation.

Contactless Shopping

What if you could go contactless shopping in the supermarket with your own smart shopping trolley? Our concept is inspired by the idea that the application of a cleverly designed foldable shopping trolley enables consumers to shop contact-less, thereby relieving both the supermarket and the consumer of many inconveniences. The corona crisis brings this solution closer.

Surprise Cases

Find more details about the surprise cases on the Brightspace page of JIP (TUD4040)