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Smart Technology
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Developping a unit of measurement for safety

World wide, there is a shift towards evidence based policing. However, there is no unit of measurement to track the desired outcome of policing. As a result, output units are used, such as the amount of arrests, which could lead to undesirable policies (which negatively impact society). Designing one or more units of measurements through philosophy, economy, data science, social sciences and ICT would be an essential building block towards evidence based policing.

De Nationale Politie

Trade finance blockchain

A trade financing transaction between a trader(exporter) and a customer(importer) involves many parties such as financial institutes, forwarders and suppliers in which communications is an integral part. The process now involves a lot of paper documentation; for international shipments, companies and customers officials need to fill out over 20 different types of paper-based documents containing several terms and conditions regarding purchase agreements in the Letter of Credit to ship goods. This, however, is time-consuming and not cost-effective for the business.


Global hazard intelligence Automation

Firms around the world have complex supply chains which operate from various geographic markets. Potential clients seldom know which risks are present in different locations, how these risks manifest themselves, how to identify the risks and understand how they might affect their business.   

Royal HaskoningDHV