Companies JIP 2020 - cluster:
Urbanism / Delta

Global Business Resilience

Climate change will define this century. We are dedicated to making businesses resilient to the threats it poses. The Uptime software platform needs to detect asset vulnerabilities from natural hazards. We need you top talented students from different disciplines to make Uptime work on a global scale!

Think 2030 and Beyond

The anticipated global population of more than 9.7 billion by 2050 poses challenges for providing sufficient energy, food, water, and health care at low costs. These challenges are enormous in scale and complexity. The next decade will determine if we are able to sustain a future that is worth remembering. What technologies are available or in-development, and what should be developed?

Healthy Buildings

People spend up to 90% of their time in buildings. These buildings however are detrimental to the wellbeing of its occupants causing amongst others deterioration of cognitive function and respiratory issues. This is becoming even more relevant in the face of the current Covid-19 pandemic. The project should provide pragmatic answers to improving the wellbeing of building occupants.

Value Chain Analysis for Large Scale Floods

Devastating effects of recurring floods on cities, especially in developing countries, is enormous. Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS) can reduce such impacts. However for this to be effective, all components in the FEWS value chain have to function well. The main objective of the project is to map/review the value chain of Flood Early Warning System for large scale floods in Africa.

Inspection Service – New Horizons

Regular inspections ensure the continuity of business processes and the safety of employees. Critical objects, installations and infrastructure should be up-and-running any time. Timely maintenance or replacement of malfunctioning installations is very important. This requires frequent, often risky and especially time consuming regular inspections of skilled employees. How could image recognition and drones help to increase uptime with lower costs?

Understanding rainfall: Measuring and modelling rainfall

Rainfall is the most essential weather phenomenon in Africa. Droughts and floods cause a lot of damage on the continent. One would think that a phenomenon as simple as rain is well understood. As a matter of fact, it’s not. For example, the distribution of dropsizes has been described but never properly explained. The challenge here is to understand dropsize distributions.