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Joint Interdisciplinary Project


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About JIP

Real business cases, real experience

The Joint Interdisciplinary Project is an exceptional opportunity to incorporate real interdisciplinary teamwork into your Master. You will work together with passionate fellow students and companies in technical innovation ‘in the niche’ on a business case to create innovative impact. Teams will be able to think beyond their field of expertise, deepen their analytic and creative skills all the while sharing their disciplinary knowledge. Students will get the guidance required to realize the change and get a taste of both success and failure to become resilient in the face of obstacles. The projects are focused on integrated design or research assignments, in addition to value adding, societal acceptance and engineering ethics.


In JIP 2020 150 students had the opportunity to take part in the Joint Interdisciplinary Project. Interdisciplinary project teams of each four to five selected MSc students have worked together full time for ten weeks. Next academic year 2021-2022 max. 200 students can start in Q1 2021.

  • Defining your team problem definition based on the company case study

  • Connecting with stakeholders in both industry & academic world

  • Experiencing your future professional environment

  • Inspirational interacting with other JIP teams


  • Cognitive abilities attributable to interdisciplinary thinking

  • Scientific and intellectual development

  • Research and design capabilities

  • Collaboration and communication in an interdisciplinary team

  • Self-adjustment and reflection capabilities

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"To accomplish better results, all aspects and different views should be treated with the same amount of passion and energy.”


JIP 2019 | Team Axxiflex


Companies 2021

Click on a company to read the case descriptions. Full case files can be found on Brightspace

Case descriptions will become available gradually throughout april and the beginning of may.
Cluster 1


Cluster 2

Energy Transition

Cluster 3

Urbanism & Infrastructure​

Cluster 4

Healthcare Technology

Cluster 5

Robotics & High Tech

Cluster 6

Smart Industry

Cluster 7

Circular Economy

One significant take away from this experience is to listen to people with critical thinking, and be humble and open to the thoughts that I never heard of


JIP 2019 | Team Royal Haskoning DHV

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Do you have what it takes?

Entry and application criteria

Are you an adventurous student seeking an integrated learning experience?

Curious to develop both technical knowledge and ‘generic’ skills such as management, interdisciplinary teamwork, design thinking, ethics, business models? Are you generous to share your experiences and motivated to inspire your fellow students with your own disciplinary knowledge? Passionate about the challenges in interdisciplinary high-tech innovation & business development in a real-life testing environment. Do you want to surprise professionals in the world of engineering with innovative, unexpected, transcending insights?
Entry criteria:

  • You are a 2nd-year master student (Technical Medicine: 2nd or 3rd year)

  • You have almost completed the first year of the master’s degree programme and will enroll in your second year of master’s degree programme at TU Delft in September 2021

  • You are full time available (40 hours per week) in Q1

Application criteria:

  • JIP application form (Brightspace)

  • JIP Motivation letter + Top 3 company cases

  • CV


Students will be selected on the basis of motivation, study progress and recommendation.

Open for applications: 26th of April - 17th of May.

Selection period: April/May 2021.

Announcement teams: June 2021.




Practical Information

The Joint Interdisciplinary Project is an interdisciplinary team internship

Programme JIP 2021-2022:

  • Kick Off days: First three days of the programme: ‘managing the project’ courses: scrum, ethics, interdisciplinary teamwork, business models, finances, design thinking

  • Additional company workshops: in depth lectures & workshops by the company coaches related to the team cases

  • Location: depending on COVID-19 restrictions: ‘hybrid’:  online, at TU Delft campus, possibly in the company

  • Team mentoring by a company coach and a staff member of TU Delft

Coursecode on Brightspace: TUD4040

Planning JIP 2021:

April 2021: Companies and cases JIP 2021 will be announced.
April-May 2021: Student application.
May-June 2021: Selection student teams.
August 30th 2021: Start JIP 2021. Fulltime for 10 weeks.



A general impression of the course of the project

The reviews & course days are plenary

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thumbnail_IMG_20160604_080212 - Yash Bha

It was amazing to do these kinds of projects and I feel it helped to evolve both internal and external knowledge in every team member.


JIP student 2018

 Huisman Coastal Defence project


JIP team 

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Birgit de Bruin

manager JIP
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Hans Hellendoorn

Director of education at Faculty of 3mE

Renate Klaassen

Programma Coordinator 4TU CEE
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Nanneke de Fouw

JIP Support Staff
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Martijn Verbeij

IT, Media & Event 

Asiya Shakeel

Student Assistant

Bart Boons

Student Assistant

Jitin Gopakumar

Student Assistant

Mahesh Jayan

Student Assistant

Miguel Saez Ortuno

Student Assistant


Raghavendra Rao

Student Assistant

Sreeja Raghunathan

Student Assistant


Student Assistant

Yavuz Cinek

Student Assistant

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