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What JIP can offer


About JIP

Real business cases, real experience

The JIP project is an interdisciplinary Master course at TU Delft, which is embedded in the curriculum. In it, students work full-time in groups of five on a challenge identified by industry for a total of 10 weeks. The course aims to develop student skills in working across disciplines and from a challenge-driven perspective. For the students, JIP projects bring forward unique characteristics such as: a starting point in large open-ended problems, a value-driven approach to problem formulation and decision-making, training of self-awareness and self-leadership in combination with teamwork in projects that require addressing engineering problem-solving, societal concerns and an entrepreneurial mindset and working method. For companies the JIP project provides an opportunity to introduce an actual challenge that you encounter in your company, that will be tackled by passionate master students.

Why should your company participate?

  • To experience an engineering focused mix of disciplines and nationalities

  • To work in a team with master students with complementary problem solving skills

  • To connect with the interdisciplinary academic staff of TU Delft

  • To add value to innovative integrated design and business development by ‘out of the box’ thinking

  • To bridge the current gap between the academic world and professional real-life environment

Eric Romeijn.jpg

During JIP we learned where we should put our focus on in our R&D activities. We also obtained new engineering insights from the coaches of other projects.”


Head Research & Development

Huisman Equipment BV

Practical Information

What we expect from the company

The JIP projects are focused on innovative interdisciplinary integrated design or research assignments, and orientated towards value creation for society. Solutions have to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. The challenges require that innovative engineering and technology in an interdisciplinary mindset are in balance with non-engineering aspects such as societal relevance and impact, and ‘out-of-the-box’ business development. The solutions must be actionable.


Each student team will be mentored by a company coach. We expect the company coach:

  • To regularly meet (weekly at the least) with the students (face-to-face or by video-conference)

  • To be physically present during the Kick-off and the team reviews

  • To be physically present at the final review and assessment together with the academic staff

Entry Criteria

Companies 2023

Companies will be announced in April and May. Keep an eye on this page and social media for updates. 

Cluster 1 - Aerospace
Click any logo to go to the short case descriptions

Cluster 2 - Energy Transition

Click any logo to go to the short case descriptions

Cluster 3 - Urbanism, Delta and Infrastructure
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Cluster 4 - Healthcare Technology

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Cluster 5 - Robotics and Hightech
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Cluster 6 - Smart Industry

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Companies 2022

Of course we operate at the top of our game and have everything under control… Until a group of JIP students start asking questions and suddenly you are not so sure anymore. Then you start collaborating and get to the point where both the company and the students grew a lot taller.

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Co-founder CHARGED


A general impression of the process
Timeline Horizontal 2023.png
Timeline Vertical 2023.png


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Birgit de Bruin

JIP Programme Manager

Do you wish to become part of JIP or simply have a question?

write us an email.

  • JIP Linkedin

* Companies and case studies will be presented during online company pitch events with the coaches. These ‘meet and greet’  sessions with the companies will be organized for 1st year master students of all faculties who are interested in participating in JIP.

** students apply for JIP with a motivational letter and select their favorite 3 cases. They will be selected by the TU Delft JIP team.

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