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Companies JIP 2024
Cluster 4 - Health Technology

Water and heat reuse in autoclave sterilization

In collaboration with GreenCycl/CSA Services and Miele/Steelco, you will foster a circular healthcare economy while exploring the potential reuse of water and heat from autoclave steam sterilization, currently disposed of in sewage. You will identify areas of improvement and design a process to recover heat and water from autoclave cycles, aiming to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Local validation in Uganda of the reusable vacuum extractor, vela®

Vacuum extraction aids in birth's second stage, potentially reducing stillbirths by nearly 25%. However, it's underused in Low- and Middle-Income Countries due to the lack of suitable equipment. Therefore, LAYCO created vela®, an improved vacuum extractor. This JIP program aims to validate vela® in a resource constrained context in Uganda.


Simulator for visual implant

Phosphoenix aims to develop a brain implant to restore basic vision in blind individuals. A VR simulator should be developed to mimic the prosthesis effect. Objectives include maximizing information transmission with limited electrodes, testing algorithms, and accommodating implant and stimulation characteristics. The VR simulator should enable algorithm testing and adaptation. Real-time functionality is crucial for generating experimental results.


Oxygen recycling hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

The Hyperbaric Medical Center in Rijswijk provides advanced treatment for conditions like non-healing wounds and radiation tissue injuries using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). However, the process relies on oxygen cylinders, leading to significant waste. The goal is to enhance efficiency by recycling oxygen from expired air, reducing costs and environmental impact while improving patient care.

Hyperbaric Medical Center

Runners need to drink… how without cups?

The running and related events sector generates a lot of waste. Therefore, the use of disposable cups has now been banned. The organizer is left with a problem. How does he provide fluids (water, sports drinks) to the thousands of participants? And is it really a problem of the organizer or participant? What is a sustainable solution?

Leiden Marathon

Sustainable Healthcare

The main objective is to explore efficient circular processes for the management of waste streams and resources in hospitals, developing sustainable solutions that can be implemented in real-world healthcare settings. This includes understanding and redesigning waste return processes, evaluating material properties for hospital waste streams, creating or redesigning products to minimize waste, and enhancing awareness towards circular processes in hospitals.


Fast UTI Diagnostics with Hydrogel-based bacterial isolation

Develop a rapid method for the extraction of bacteria out of urinary tract infection samples for the purpose of performing molecular diagnostics to identify the causative infectious agent. A method based on hydrogels is to be developed in order to pre-process the samples by acting as a rudimentary microfiltration device.


Living Med-Tech Lab: Health is where the home is

The aim is to set up one or more centres ('hubs') in the neighbourhoods where, in collaboration with residents and care institutions, existing knowledge is applied for the benefit of the well-being support of the residents. In the start-up period, the focus is maintaining/promoting mobility for the residents in close corporation with care institutions.

Medical Delta

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