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Companies JIP 2023:
Cluster 4 - Health Technology

Robotics, Ultrasound Imaging, Product Design

AI robot product for cardiac ultrasound

The company is developing a robotic ultrasound imaging system for cardiac patients. However, traditional ultrasound imaging methods are uncomfortable and even painful for women with larger breasts. Therefore, they need a holder that is comfortable and non-exposing. The problem assignment is to design a holder for women with larger breasts that is adjustable to accommodate different breast sizes and shapes, easy to clean and sanitize between uses, and most importantly, comfortable and non-exposing during ultrasound imaging.


Interface and image processing platform for visual implants

By applying a brain implant with many (>1000) electrodes, it is possible to regenerate a rudimental vision. Each stimulated electrode will give the percept of a dot of light. By converting camera patterns into stimulation patterns, at a sufficient speed, it is possible to have real-time vision, to give back autonomy to blind people. The project aims to create a versatile system design integrating input devices, hardware, user interfaces, and AI-based signal processing for visual stimulation.


Sustainable Medical Packaging, Eco-friendly recycling

Sustainable Medication Card

Thio Pharma, a pharma company, is seeking help to develop a sustainable prototype for medication packaging. The current packaging is make of PVC and aluminium. We are looking for ways to minimize waste and increase sustainability while keeping costs reasonable. The project is part of a larger research program at TU Delft and aims to create a personalized medication system that is more environmentally friendly. The project offers students access to experts and present technologies and provides opportunities to learn about innovative pharmaceuticals and packaging design.


Sustainability, Medical Products and Wastes

Sustainable Hospitals: recycling of stainless steel surgical instruments into metal powder

Hospitals contribute up to 8% of the total CO2 emissions. One of the reasons is the enormous production of waste streams as a result of single-use products. A typical hospital uses 50,000 stainless steel single-use instruments, which are disposed of after one time use. GreenCycl has built a FieldLab for collecting and recycling medical waste into new raw materials. Assignment: to find potential methods to reprocess used stainless steel instruments into metal powder, which can be used to fabricate new medical products.

Green Cycle & VSM & CSA Services

Portable Microfluidic DNA Analyzer for Rapid Bacterial Infection Detection

Develop a portable, cost-effective microfluidic device for measuring DNA length and detecting fluorescent tags to enable rapid bacterial infection detection and identification. This breakthrough project aims to democratize advanced diagnostic technology, improve global healthcare access, and combat antibiotic resistance by reducing the reliance on antibiotics.

Surprise Case - Inbiome

Automation, Robotics, Sustainability

Sustainable Hospitals: Robotizing blue wrap recycling line

After a single use, the blue wrapping paper used to wrap sterilized surgical instrument sets in hospitals is burned in an incinerator. The goal of this JIP case study is to lower CO2 emissions and improve the sustainability in healthcare. Blue polypropylene wrap is now collected and melted manually into polypropylene blocks which are granulated. The objective is to identify feasible approaches for automating the feeding of this recycling plant.

Green Cycle & VSM & CSA Services

Local production of a vacuum extractor with recycled plastic in Uganda

By the development of an improved vacuum extractor, LAYCO aims to increase access to vacuum extraction in Low- & Middle-Income Countries, where prolonged or obstructed labour poses significant risks. In this project, you will help investigate the feasibility of producing the extractor from recycled plastic in collaboration with EcoBrixs in Uganda.

Surprise Case - Layco
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