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Companies JIP 2023
Cluster 5 - Robotics & High Tech

Sustainability, Medical Products and Wastes

Sustainable store of the future

Together we are all working on decreasing our environmental impact. Retail is no exception, and we are always looking for smart and sustainable solutions to speed up this transition. We would like to map all energy streams in stores and find untapped potential together with you!

Airlab Ahold Delhaize

Product Development, Reliability Testing

Grip Strength Measurement on Bike Handlebars

The amount of vibration and shock experienced by a bike and rider is crucial for the development of comfortable bikes and the testing of bike components. However, grip strength affects the measurement of shock and vibration, and it is difficult to measure grip strength while riding a bike in the field. The challenge is to investigate how grip strength can be measured while riding a bike in the field.

Scott Sports

Virtual reality

The Ethereal Immersive Experience Platform

Ethereal has created an interactive, immersive (VR), robotic platform. In each immersive experience, the user physically engages with assets within their virtual environment, each one specifically designed and individually adjusted to their physicality, aimed at disguising optimized fitness as fun. Target markets include gyms, universities, and entertainment centers. 

Ethereal Matter


Shaping the future of work in baggage handling, with and for workers

Schiphol currently faces challenges in baggage handling, in terms of productivity, long-term health issues, and staff shortages. Realizing a meaningful, healthy and viable future of work for baggage handlers requires a transdisciplinary perspective: designers, engineers, and social scientists learning and exploring technological and organizational solutions, with and for workers.

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