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Companies JIP 2023
Cluster 5 - Robotics & High Tech

Erasmus Medical Center

Sustainable healthcare is threatened by nursing staff shortages. Nurses are dedicated to provide care and are experts in workarounds to deliver that care. There is a real need for technological assistance to improve work processes, but high-tech as well as low-tech innovation is easier said than done. The aim is to execute a technology-driven innovation sprint around a co-created intervention: you may consider robotic technologies, smart and low-tech solutions, or changes in workflow or work practices.

Erasmus Medical Center

Healthy air for brilliant brains

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that new ways of ventilation in school classrooms are needed, with a shift from comfort-based to health-based design. The project aims to optimize the design and control of a displacement (upward flow) ventilation system for different heating and cooling conditions.

GoFlow & SenseLab

Sustainable microfluid adapter

Sync Biosystems aims to improve – currently expensive and inefficient – drug development by making biological experiments more predictive and thereby reducing animal experiments. Utilizing high-tech engineering, we increase control over human-based cell cultures. In this project, we would like to investigate the sustainability of our microfluidic adapter, addressing the impact on the technology, manufacturability, business model and end user workflow.

Sync Biosystems

Ethereal Matter: Giving the Virtual a Reality

Ethereal allows you to interact physically with the virtual world, with your full body. The active, robotic platform generates accurate, force feedback within the human range of motion for arms and legs, creating a heightened sense of realism. Applications include personalized, optimized fitness and gaming, physical therapy, training, eSports, virtual tourism and recreation.

Ethereal Matter

Smart & Autonomous Aircraft Turn Around (VOP operations)

Aircraft arriving at Schiphol airport most of the time undergo a (short) turnaround. There are Staff shortages, heavy labor and unhealthy air quality, all important reasons why we are exploring to develop a smart and autonomous turn around operations. The assignment is to analyze the potential of robotics and automation in the context of multiple turnaround activities on the apron performed by ground handling staff and develop a vision and roadmap for a smart and autonomous turn around operation.

Schiphol & KLM

Design and validation of an automated system for plant selection

This project seeks to optimize the efficiency and accuracy of plant selection based on parameters such as plant height, leaf quantity, etc. You will develop an automated selection line consisting of a conveyor belt system and a vision box. Key considerations include the handling of bare-rooted cuttings and the incorporation of 2D and 3D imaging technologies to capture plant parameters.

Floricultura & Viscon

In field measurement method of skiboot flex

The goal is to develop a portable device for the evaluation of ski boot flex in the field. The proposed solution will enable product developers to evaluate such crucial aspects of the product while being used during field test sessions on ski slopes.  

Scott Sports

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