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Companies JIP 2023
Cluster 6 - Smart and Quantum Technologies
Case descriptions for these cases will be published soon.

AI/ML for Automated Inspection

Collins Aerospace Interiors business unit in the Netherlands drives advanced materials and manufacturing processes to produce aircraft interior products. Since it is essential to build high-quality components in the aerospace industry, having automated detection of manufacturing defects is crucial for maintaining the required quality, and here AI and ML can be an enabler. The objective of the project is to leverage artificial intelligence to improve quality methods and processes.

Collins Aerospace

Automating Economic Experiments with a LLM Multi-Actor tool

LLMs are computational models of humans. 'They' can be given endowments, information, and preferences in a simulated economic scenario. LLMs can play simple economic simulations. But how complex can the scenario be made and how will the LLM's behavior be? Find out and build Multi-Actor LLM tool with us.


Adding artificial swarming intelligence to our futures platform

The Dutch National Police, among the largest globally, struggles with inefficient information sharing, hindering collective intelligence. A futuristic platform stores trends and technologies, reducing overload. Next step? Empower all officers to contribute via AI and gaming. This boosts innovation and teamwork. Get ready for a groundbreaking leap in policing efficiency and effectiveness!

De Nationale Politie

Bring the AI strategy to life

The case study focuses on researching the essential elements for a successful AI strategy for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The AI strategy aims to fully embrace the potential of AI within the organisation while also considering the risks associated with technological development like AI.

Ministerie Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

Build a digital future in smart manufacturing with GenAI

Eviden, a next-gen technology leader in data-driven, trusted, and sustainable digital transformation, aims to enhance innovation capabilities within manufacturing companies through GenAI. This project will focus on investigating enablers for GenAI adoption, considering competencies and routines. Additionally, it highlights GenAI’s impact on manufacturers’ innovation capabilities, with the expected outcome based on a real case study featuring a knowledge pilot application.


Digital Twinning for Reverse and Circular Construction Supply Chains

Semmtech B.V., an IT consultancy in Hoofddorp, specializes in interoperability, model-based systems engineering, digital strategies, and AI. It caters to government and multinational clients. The case study focuses on their R&D project with the National Groiefonds – TBL consortium. The project aims to develop a prototype digital-twin model for reverse logistics in the Dutch façade industry, facilitating a transition to a circular economy.


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