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Companies JIP 2024
Cluster 1 - Aerospace

3D Printed multi functional material

Collins Aerospace Interiors business unit in the Netherlands drives advanced materials and manufacturing processes for aircraft interiors products. One of the technologies that the industry focuses on is the 3D printing manufacturing method, with a focus on multifunctional properties. The objective of the project is to explore the usage of 3D printing for integrating directly into material properties such as electromagnetic interference prevention, electrical conductivity, or thermal management.

Collins Aerospace

DestinM – a digital twin of the Moon

ATG Europe, together with partners, aims to develop a digital twin of the moon, creating a testbed for future missions. An immersive interface that allows human-centric activities in inaccessible environments is crucial. ATG seeks to assess the digital twin's complexity and feasibility, identifying essential aspects and the promising commercial applications.



SRON, LDE universities, and Dutch Space sector partners are working on NEBULA – Xplorer Netherlands Educational Small-sat for Exploration of Binary-Linked Astrophysics – Xray Observer. The focus is on designing an X-ray instrument to record binary system energy. Evaluation includes focal length, optics, detectors, processing, mass, power, etc. Determine prototype costs, technical risks, and national communication plan.


Sustainable food supply system in outer space

Producing food is essential to enable a habitat in space to not be dependent on food supplies from Earth. The Netherlands is a world leader in growing crops and producing food; let’s expand this fame in outer space! Developing methods and technology for food production in space requires many innovative solutions. The students will be looking in solutions enabling a sustainable food supply system in space. The results of this project will help NLR to define which technology NLR should focus on in the field of ‘Space Farming’ to support industry, university and potential spin-offs for ‘Earth’ applications. 


Communication System of the connected & autonomous car of the future

In this project we want you to explore the (commercial) market potential and application use cases for a communication system serving the connected and autonomous car of the future. We want you to explore this new domain and present your research on this domain and propose a market study and commercialization plan for SES respecting key requirements on sustainability.


Sustainable Galley Inserts

Collins Aerospace sites in Houten(NL) and Lenexa(US) are the industry leading development centers of galley inserts. We need your bright minds and unbiased views to help us meet the net zero ambitions of our industry. Will you be up to the challenge to propel our products into a sustainable future?

Collins Aerospace

Reusable launchers, what does it take?

Reusable access to space was for a longtime a dream. ndeed, a low cost infrastructure is a crucial stepping stone for a sustainable human presence beyond earth. But what does it actually take to make this possible? We propose to take a deep dive, focusing on a single component: the turbine “powerhouse” that helps deliver propellants into the rocket engine. The students will look into the technical challenges, but also propose a view on industrial and business aspects.

Ariane Group München

Using AI to orchestrate sustainability in the aviation ecosystem

KLC aims to pioneer sustainable European aviation through understanding ecosystem dynamics. Visualization, analysis, and tools are essential for managing complex ecosystem wide projects. The project aims to visualize the aviation ecosystem using Talia (KLM's chatGPT) and/or other tools, aiding in orchestrating change, targeting interventions, fostering innovation, and managing stakeholder relations.

KLM City Hopper

Lunar autonomous maintenance

Telespazio Belgium is delving into autonomous predictive maintenance for lunar infrastructure, employing AI, for example for anomaly detection, and robotics for automated maintenance. The aim is to evaluate the feasibility and economic viability of this approach for lunar operations. The project's objectives include conducting a feasibility study, developing a roadmap, and analysing market potential for autonomous predictive maintenance using robotics on the Moon. 


Total Aircraft Quality Concept

Collins Aerospace Interiors business unit in the Netherlands drives aircraft cabin concepts, advanced materials, sustainable cabin, and more. Within many cabin systems, one is the air quality and conditioning system, which is a fundamental enabler of safe and comfortable travel. The objective of the project is to examine topics such as air contamination and bacteria transmission within aircraft to predict the spreading probability of the pathogens.

Collins Aerospace

Test field Arianegroup site Trauen

Arianegroup Site Trauen operates a test field and test facilities. for propulsion tests and other test purposes in defense or space applications.Since we are today facing rising test enquiries in space and defense applications, there is a need of re-organisation of the test facility and related equipments. The aim of a JIP project will be to identify commonly used infrastructure elements in order to define a standardized infrastructure, supporting the majority of test requests. 

Ariane Group

Connect Aircraft of tomorrow

Global aviation needs decarbonization as demand rises. More capacities are needed, embedded in GHG avoidance. How can blended wing bodies aid net-zero commitments? Aircraft shape matters, as do materials matter for a circular economy. Optimal propulsion systems must be identified. A business model that supports blended wing bodies is crucial.

Airbus NL

Gap analysis of the EO landscape and review of the Socio-Economic Benefit logic

Given the inner mission of EUMETSAT and its leading role on weather forecasting, higher precision in the choice of a future mission will result in the gathering of better data thus leading to an advantage on a global scale. Independent and out-of-the box thought and an improved assessment of the costs and of the benefit could raise the awareness of the organisation and lead it to a better trade-off in the choice of a future architecture.


Seismic Station for a Gravitational Wave Antenna on the Moon

The Lunar Gravitational-wave Antenna (LGWA) utilizes the Moon as a planetary-scale antenna for space-time fluctuations in the decihertz range. The objective of the project is to explore the technological challenges for the development of a cryogenic seismic station that will enable high precision seismometry on the moon. The project is multidisciplinary and covers research fields such as cryogenic engineering, robotics, laser technology and geophysics. 

SRON & Nikhef

Techno-Economic Model for Net-Zero Aviation

The project aims to develop a (finance) model analyzing net-zero aviation scenarios, focusing on finance, technology, and sustainability. It involves building a practical model that helps in understanding (financial) needs for reaching net-zero by 2050, assessing technical solutions' impact on pricing and emissions, and creating financing scenarios to draw conclusions


KLM VR Meetings

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global business, traditional meeting formats are increasingly seen as limitations to engagement, collaboration, and productivity. KLM, a leader in the aviation industry, wants to explore whether VR Technology can enhance the efficacy of its internal and client-facing meetings. However, the integration of VR into KLM's meeting protocols requires a thorough investigation to understand its feasibility, potential benefits, and challenges.


Which type (s) of SAF will be used in 2050 by airlines?

To provide Transavia with a comprehensive understanding of the future of SAF and provide advice on in which technologies to invest in now, in order to help accelerate the scale up. Students will need to consider many factors such as pathways, economics, feasibility, scalability and energy efficiency to know which types of fuel will be best.


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