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Companies JIP 2023
Cluster 1 - Aerospace

Optical Fibre, Geophysics Measurements, Robotics

Robotics & Geosciences; Fibre Optic Lunar Reflection Seismology

The goal of this project is to determine the feasibility of optical fibre based geophysics measurements of the lunar Subterrain with a Lunar Zebro. Important considerations are the depth at which the fibre must be placed to have sufficient ground contact to perform geophysical measurements and if the lunar zebro can place it there, the possibility of it being light weight to be caried as a Lunar Zebro payload, and the deployment system.

Space Campus

Sustainability, Aviation Industry, Regulations

Sustainability in airline operations

Transavia aims to improve sustainability within the aviation industry. In this case, the emphasis is on reducing non-CO2 effects in order to benefit the environment and the communities around the airport. The goal is to find ways Transavia can reduce non-CO2 effects while taking the development of regulations and the identification of the KPIs that must be measured for this into consideration.


Greenhouse gas, Climate Change, Space Technology

Measuring methane emissions of offshore platforms from space

Airbus NL is developing a space-based instrument to measure methane emissions, the second most important greenhouse gas contributor to climate change following CO2. Satellites are very suitable for measuring at remote facilities, like offshore platforms. Measuring above the sea requires a specific measurement setup, which we would like you to develop.

Airbus NL


KLM Adaptive AI and Virtual Reality Test case

We would like to investigate if we could incorporate adaptive AI into our VR training regarding simulating conversations with an AI/VR Bot including incorporating emotions, gestures, and animations into the scenario. We think incorporating VR and adaptive Ai technologies could have the potential for enhancing the KLM employee training developed by our VR team. The potential in this AI argumentation of VR training could be the simulation of actual conversations with (AI) passengers and unpredictable outcomes not scripted or programmed


aircraft cabin re-configurations, environmental life cycle assessment

Next Generation Aircraft Cabin Concept

The objective of this assignment is to generate a next-generation Aircraft cabin concept (products & services) from an environmental perspective, economically sustainable and with a focus on passenger experience. To maximize the outcome, we would like the team to focus on space optimization, passenger experience, and the Life cycle assessment of the different cabin systems.

Collins Aerospace

Aviation Industry, Aricraft Design, Ergonomics

Inclusive aircraft design for the full population of end users

Current aircraft designs were created in the 1970s and 1980s with a focus on pilots, cabin crew, and passengers. Other aircraft personnel such as ground handlers, cleaning, and catering staff were not considered. The JIP research aims to establish a benchmark for the number of end users aircraft are designed for and recommend how to design the Flying V for all users, including cargo personnel, mechanics, and others who interact with the aircraft daily.

KLM & Flying V

Market Sizing, Quantum Distribution system

SES: Satellite Quantum Key Distribution

In this project we want you to explore the (commercial) market potential and application use cases for a space-based quantum key distribution system. We want you to explore this secure communications domain and propose a business case respecting key requirements on sustainability. Key dimensions to address: Market Sizing, Technical Solution, Business Case.


Sustainability, Product and Process Analysis

How can aviation become truly green in all aspects inspired by other global solutions?!

Airbus is a global pioneer in the aerospace industry, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopters, defence and space sectors. Airbus is a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a worldwide scale. The company looks strongly into the decarbonisation of air transport and the future of flying. 

Airbus Bremen
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