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Companies JIP 2023 :
Cluster 2 - Energy Transition

Modular Vision on Nuclear Fission

Research on the use of modular nuclear power plants for on- and offshore applications. Electric power output between 10 and 100 MWatt. Investigation of safety, acceptance and regulation, and suitable reactor designs. Challenging and educational project contributing to future energy supply.

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Thermodynamics, Sustainability

Designing the winning sustainable energy concept for new neighbourhoods

As part of the tender team, you will prepare the winning proposal for a newly built neighborhood in The Hague. Together with the team, you will develop an integrated heating and cooling network for both residential and commercial buildings using local, renewable energy. Which sustainable energy concept will you design?

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Design, Business Analysis

Explore the advantage of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The recent developments in offshore wind have revived the interest for vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT). Your team will make a design for a floating VAWT, compare the resulting levelized cost of energy with a conventional wind turbine, and show what would be needed for the VAWT to become competitive. 

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Solar Power, Grid Congestion

The impact of Solar Carports of the power grid

When solar panels are installed on all large parking lots in the Netherlands based on a new proposed policy, the generated energy that flows directly from the solar carports into the grid will have a direct impact on the Stedin grid. This will also cause an additional demand for electric charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, which at times could utilize the generated solar power but at other times would cause an additional strain on the grid. The objective of this case is to investigate the impact, opportunities and challenges of installing solar carports on large parking lots, without additional grid congestion.

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Sustainable Energy, Energy Conversion, Business Strategy


Project “Nemo” considers the potential use of tidal energy, to participate in the mix of renewable energies to be used in NL, G or other countries with tidal flows. The patented design foresees a floating vertical rotor with cyclic blade adjustment, operating in water-depths of 6-15m, using current speeds of 1-2 m/sec. The project shall check the feasibility of such energy source in terms of general design approach, technical stress tests and economical view.

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Power plant, Hydrogen, Socio-Economic Analysis

case HyER Power

The main objective of the project is to find out what and where the best application of the HyER Power Plant is with regard to building types that suit the system, potential net congestion locations, and availability of hydrogen. The expected results will give HyER Power B.V. the necessary handles to apply the HyER Power Plant in the most effective manner.

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Sustainability, Electrification

Smart Energy Transition Platform (SETup) – An energy transition platform for the urban environment

The Dutch industry has traditionally relied on natural and residual gases. To make the industry more sustainable, significant steps are to be taken. An option with big impact is the electrification of the industry. The Electrification Twin can aid our industrial clients in identifying impactful projects with a strategic roadmap towards their energy transition goals. 

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Geothermal Energy, Energy Market

Solutions to strengthen the performances of Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS)

Conventional geothermal systems cover an increasing share of the Dutch heat demand. However, thermal performance depends on the local geology. Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) are theoretically location independent with a predictable thermal output. Innovative drilling and production technology in combination with a novel energy economy is required to unlock AGS potential.

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Energy Management System, System Integration, Energy Ecosystem

Energy Management System (EMS)

Develop an energy management system (EMS) and algorithms for the AFAS Innovation Campus in Leusden.
We create an energy ecosystem for 3 offices (max 5-6), 1 theater and 2 parking garages, modular expandable energy solutions that are connected via a closed energy distribution system.
The buildings have solar panels, ATES systems, heat pumps and batteries that must be connected to each other and controlled in the smartest way.

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Solar, Agriculture

Drought Resilient Irrigation and Pumping with Solar (DRIPS)

Heliostrome has developed a software that will be used for the design of about 40 solar irrigation systems for their customers: farmers in the Chokwe delta basin, Gaza province, Mozambique. This work is part of a larger governmental drive in the region to ensure that farmers have access to irrigation for their farming in the cyclone-free dry season.

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Electrical Network, Grid Operation

The Buildability of the energy Transition

The capacity of the electrical network must be increased drastically to accelerate the energy transition. Grid operators like Stedin have difficulty keeping up due to the high workload and a shortage of technical staff. Through this case, Stedin is looking for ways to prevent this bottleneck by increasing its ability to build network expansions and infrastructure (buildability), without relying on increased technical personnel.

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