Companies JIP 2022 - cluster:
Robotics & High Tech

E-commerce Automation

The e-commerce operation of Gall en Gall is growing rapidly. To keep up with the demand, the logistics team of Gall decided that they want to automize part of their packaging process and have selected a solution to do this. The integration of this solution has a large impact on the rest of the e-com process, Gall is looking for the best integration plan consisting of hard- and software components.

Airlab Ahold Delhaize

Prototype development for a robotics system in the field of archaeology

Automated solutions are needed to assist survey archaeologists in making data collection more feasible. The objective is to build the next-generation terrain instrument. The team will be tasked with developing a cost-effective robotic system. The system will identify and map surface remains using low-cost sensors.

Robotics and Archaelogy

Ethereal Engine

The Silicon Valley startup, Ethereal Matter, Inc connects the virtual world with the physical by generating force feedback to enable true physical, visual, and auditory immersion. Because no product like this exists today, it faces challenges on every front, and the teams at TU Delft have wide latitude to explore solutions.

Ethereal Matter

Bike fender testing and conceptualization

Syncrosa company brand from SCOTT, is a bicycle component brand built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production through our in-house engineering and design team.Through this project we would like you to develop a test bench to assess the performance of various bike fenders in protecting the cyclist from splashes and in a later stage to propose new concepts that could improve such feature on our bikes.

Scott Sports

Remote Controlled Crane with Force-Feedback Implementation

To increase safety, comfort and flexibility, cranes will be more and more operated remotely without direct sight on the operation where the operator eyes are replaced by cameras. Removing the operator from the crane also removes the operators ‘touch’ with the crane. The lost senses should be replaced or enhanced with new techniques. The objective of this project is to enhance crane controls using force-feedback. Force-feedback can supply the operator with different forms of information like wind speed, load in the tackle, proximity to other objects, and more.


Developing the largest autonomous and sustainable-powered turf mower in the world

Van Vuuren challenges students at TU Delft to design the biggest and most promising robot mower in the world. The challenging task includes designing the concept of the mower, making it sustainable, incorporating a way to analyse the condition of the turf while mowing and working together with turf farmers to change their way of working forever.  

Van Vuuren